Digital Initiatives

Published on Monday, January 21, 2019

Michel Boissé

Consultant, Digital Solutions
Business digitalization is the integration of digital technologies in business activities, processes and models aiming at accelerating business operations and optimizing efficiency. Let's talk about some trendy digital initiatives in 2019 that can drive better business performance.

Bolder technological innovations are taking shape unlocking new business improvement opportunities. All business aspects are impacted, including digital marketing, business intelligence, sales management, supply chain management, or customer support service operations, among others. Competition doesn't hesitate to consider all initiatives to optimize their efficiency and accelerate growth, reduce costs, improve customer experience and bring as much value as possible with the most reasonnable investments.

Business evolution through digitalization is unavoidable to stay competitive.

Getting started

The apprehension of changes is often driven by the identification of improvement opportunities that digital transformation can offer. Here are a some question examples that we can consider to uncover a few of them.

  • Can we offer a better experience for our customers?
  • Can we improve the autonomy of our cutomers, partners or employees so they can manage to satisfy their own needs in their journey through our business processes?
  • Is there any information or process redundancy with our systems that we can avoid with centralized or better synchronized systems?
  • Is their some process heaviness that we can avoid with some automated tasks or operations?
  • Can we improve efficiency and interactions between our collaborators or with our systems?
  • Is it possible to better measure performance to identify improvement opportunities later?

The approach to use to transform depends on the digital transformation maturity stage of the organization, its developement and growth stages and the scope of the changes being considered. A good strategic planning is preferred even when the necessity of the changes and the way to implement them seem obvious to ensure an accurate evaluation, implemention and measure of performance of a digital transformation initiative.

Digitalization examples

What can be done out there in business digitalization that drives better performance? Here are some examples to consider.

  • Digitalize your customers' journey
  • Implement a Self-Service portal
  • Automate Emails or SMS notifications
    • Invoicing
    • Appointments
    • Reminders
  • Generate documents automatically
    • Contracts
    • Invoices
    • Shipping labels
  • Implement a smarter Online Shopping experience
    • Product configuration tools
    • Virtual mirrors with Augmented Reality
  • Process online payments
  • Use automated credit reports
    • Automated customer pre-approval
    • Opportunity prioritization
  • Reach customers with Interactive Digital Displays
    • Touchscreens
    • Mobile phone interactions
    • Virtual mirrors and photo booths using Augmented Reality
  • Improve customer support
    • CRM improvement
    • Customer Self-Serve
    • Chat service and chatbots
    • Social media channels integration

The number of improvement opportunities is growing at an unimaginable pace as digital technologies develop and it's often a matter of prioritizing quick wins and starting with the initiatives that will bring most promising results with the most affordable investment in effort, time and cost.

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