Cautionnement Locnest

Locnest is a business offering lease guarantees to landlords of residential buildings. Noesis Digital collaborated with Locnest by digitzing their entire business model with a fully tailored software solution.

The need

Locnest approached Noesis looking for a team capable of entirely digitizing their business model which mainly consisted in offering guarantees to landlords for their residential leases.

They wanted literally every aspect of their processes, from filling of application forms by the landlords and tenant to the credit checks through Equifax, the approval process, payment process, claims creation, guarantee renewal, PDF document generation for certificates, invoicing, and much more, to be completely digital and entirely centralized in a single, online, easy to manage system.

Our solution

Over 2 years, Noesis collaborated with Locnest to complete the business analysis, the design and architecture of the whole system, its implementation, its deployment and devops to ensure Locnest could fully launch and operate their business.

The approach of our solution made it easy for Locnest to be able to operate everything from anywhere on any device from a laptop to a smartphone. All they needed was Internet access.

Since the system would access and use credit information from potential tenants through Equifax, Locnest required a team capable using the best practices in terms of security when implementing the system to make sure the the data gathered from Equifax remained secured and confidential.

An MVP was first put in place which allowed tenants to complete an application online on Locnest's website, before the system would take over from there to get the application validated by the landlord, credit check with Equifax, validated by Locnest administrators before activating the guarantee and sending the certificates to involved parties.

Several other iterations were deployed afterwards to integrate many new major features and to ensure maintenance of the system. These included implementation of a promotion system, a sales management system, a claims submission and approbation process, a guarantee termination and renewal process, and much more.

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