Simpleo website management platform

Noesis Digital implemented its own website management platform targeted for non-technical users. The platform was later adapted and integrated with Centris system to support real estate broker websites.

The need

Noesis Digital identified an opportunity in implementing its own content management system seeing that existing content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, did not provide a sufficiently easy user experience for non technical users expressing the desire to manage their website by themselves.

Several customers of Noesis Digital wanted a solution that would help them maintain their website by themselves without the presence of a technical - and expensive - resource to assit them. The main requirement was to obtain a website content management system capable of letting the user modify the content of the website in the easiest and most intuitive way possible, without requiring to access complex backend features as we see in well known content management systems being generally used today.

Many customers of Noesis Digital being real estate brokers, many of them complained they had no great option when choosing among existing real estate website platforms that would allow them to easily manage their website and the listings they feature on them. Most existing platforms had major drawbacks as they did not support automated imports of listings from Centris, lacked flexibility in the presentation and layout of the website, proposed very outdated website designs or did not offer an interesting experience when browsing listings.

Our solution

Noesis Digital built and put in place a new website management platform that is now being used for operating websites of many of its customers.

The platform features an extremely simple and easy to learn interface for any new user of the platform. Indeed, when editing the website, the website is navigated as a normal user of the website would, but some parts of it become editable inline, as if the user would be editing a word document. Everything was designed in order to keep the experience as "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) as possible, so that even very non-technical people could easily figure out how to use the platform and modify the content of the website without any assistance.

The real estate extension of the platform features automated imports of listings directly from Centris on a daily basis without any intervention from the real estate broker whatsoever. This provided the very interesting advantage for them not to have to input their real estate inscriptions into several systems, reducing at the same time the effort for adding a new inscription, but most of all eliminating any risk of discrepancies and mistakes in the entered data between the 2 systems (Centris and the website).

The website templates were integrated in a fully responsive fashion so that it would be easily browsable on a desktop or a smartphone. Noesis Digial made sure of using the latest best practices for web integration and search engine optimization. Noesis also inspired from the latest web design and user experience trends so the end result would provide truly innovative, ergonomic and fresh looking websites.

Several components were added to the platform along the years, including an automated invoicing system for managing the customers of the platform or a watchdog system alerting on the spot of any anomaly on one of the websites to ensure maximum uptime and quality, an automated content importer from remote online feeds such as the Associated Press, and many more. The platform being extremely flexible, it's easy to add new features according to our customers needs.

Several websites are currently relying on the Simpleo website management platform to operate. The following list presents a few of them:

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